Christina Stoltz’s strength training and cardio conditioning sessions raise the barre (pardon the pun) on functional movement. ~ SELF MAGAZINE: TOP 20 USA STUDIOS

Enjoy FREE Weekday Workouts+Wellness LIVE ONLINE, hosted daily by Ploome founder Christina Stoltz at our new flagship studio, teacher training center, and equipment showroom in Bali, Indonesia. These equipment-free and equipment-minimal workouts are designed to help you honor your internal balance while you crush your core and more. Get ready to get sweaty in whatever time zone you find yourself.

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My name is Christina Stoltz and I'm a pelvic and spinal speclialist. I've helped over 5,000 fitness enthusiasts, pre/postnatals, and professional athletes prevent injury, optimize performance, and recover from trauma. Let me teach you a thing or two.



Meet some of the amazing people who Ploome Pilates coached and certified around the world.Their candid reflections on their personal wellness journeys will educate, inspire, and excite you.These strong, courageous, and kind individuals graciously share their firsthand accounts of grinding it out on the road to reaching their fitness goals so that you, too, know its possible.

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I lost 9 inches from 30 virtual Workouts in 30 days - it’s total magic. Christina’s online classes and fitness challenges really step up my game by holding me accountable for how I treat my body and what I put into it.

Christina's just amazing - she will throw different things at you that will challenge your body in ways you never thought you could ... I’m doing push-ups now, who knew!?!?

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