Prenatal & Postnatal

Pilates is a practice rooted in pelvic strength and core control, making it the perfect compliment to your prenatal and postnatal wellness plan.

We love watching our studio community grow and supporting our members as their families expand. Pregnancy is not only a miracle, but also a serious physical undertaking. You’ve got to prepare your body for baby the same way you would train for a marathon (growing a family is just that, isn’t it!?!?).

Whether you’ve worked out for years or you’re returning to exercise for the first time, we can craft a prenatal and postnatal Pilates program for you that meets you where you are in your pregnancy journey and provides you with the support you deserve as an expecting or new mom. You got this, girl!

Join our Digital Studio for daily workouts and weekly wellness hacks hosted by Ploome Pilates founder Christina Stoltz at our flagship store in Bali. All of the products sold online by Ploome Pilates are featured in our Digital Studio, designed to provide you with the knowledge and practice you need to master your workout and wellness routine.  




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